Thursday, April 30, 2009


Biochar / charcoal can be used for tapping the Nitrogen and other useful elements. Simple urinals can be created for tapping the nitrogen and other useful elements for using as a soil amending material for improving the quality of the soils, increasing crop production, addressing the global warming by reducing the NOx gasses emissions, avoiding artificial fertilizers, keeping the toilets clean and odor free, etc.

Two sets of prototype Urinals - PVC urinal and Clay pot urinal are designed and being used by GEO.

The production of fertilizers require lots of energy, in many countries Natural gas is used for producing urea in large quantities. This demand is ever growing and we dont have enough energy to meet the demands. The complex fertilizers are also contributing to alkalinity of the soils.

From the below information we can see that there is a great potential to tap nitrogen from Urine, as biochar has an affinity to tap nitrogen, using charcoal for tapping the Nitrogen and other elements is a great opportunity to find solutions for many problems.

Urine is a great source of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium

In India on an average each person urine has the following units of value.

Nitrogen (N) per person/year - Urine 2.4 kgs | Faeces 0.3 kgs | Total 2.7 kgs
Phosphorous (P) per person/year - Urine 0.3 kgs | Faeces 0.1 kgs | Total 0.4 kgs
Potassium (K) per person/year - Urine 1.1 kgs | Faeces 0.4 kgs | Total 1.5 kgs
Source: Human urine harvesting for food security, Prakash Kumar, SEI-UNICEF.

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